Disc Injuries

If you are suffering from a disc injury such as a prolapsed disk, herniated disc or from leg pain caused by a trapped nerve, we can help.

At Bucks Osteopathy and Physio we specialise in treating these types of disc injury and research suggests that *86% of people will be pain free by the end of the treatment.


This is because we use a specialist spinal decompression table as part of our treatment.  

The table is designed to gently ease pressure between discs to aid recovery and it’s clinically proven to ease the compression that is the cause of the Sciatica *(over 90% reduction of disc herniation in 71% of patients).

To complement this treatment, each patient will receive a tailor made exercise programme to speed up recovery. For more information on Disc Injuries, how the decompression treatment works and the research click here.

* 86%- Shealy, C N Borgmeyer, Decompression and reduction of the lumbar spine, A cost effective treatment for lumbarscarial pain.

90% /71% claim – MRI Evidence of Non surgical, Mechanical Reduction, Rehydration and Repair of the Herniated lumbar Disk – The Mayo Clinic

For more information or to book a consultation please use the contact form below or call us on 01494 727859 (Amersham), 01753 362262 (Gerrards Cross/Chalfont St Peter) or 01494 416100 (Beaconsfield)


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