Knee cartilage, knee meniscus injuries)

Knee cartilage, knee meniscus injuries

A very common type of injury to the knee, and cause for referral to physiotherapy is a torn meniscus, part of the cartilage of either or both knees.

A meniscus tear can severely degrade the knee’s ability to absorb shock, and make running, walking or even standing quite painful. It is often caused by a twisting injury to the knee, something the joint is simply not equipped to tolerate. These injuries are common in contact sports such as rugby, but are not unknown to skiers, runners and even cricketers.

Symptoms of a meniscus tear

Symptoms commonly include but are not limited to pain and swelling of the knee, a ‘popping’ sensation in the joint, difficulty fully extending the knee or standing, or even a ‘locking’ of the knee.

Meniscus tears leading to locked knee

One of the worst ways a meniscus tear can occur is when a shred or fragment of the cartilage tears off entirely, and is caught in the knee joint itself. This can completely immobilise the joint, and is extremely uncomfortable.

Treating a meniscus tear

Treatment can vary, depending on the severity of the injury. Surgery may be required, especially if a fragment of cartilage has become detached. Compression and treatment to reduce inflammation are almost always prescribed, as is physiotherapy and the use of a knee brace to prevent further twisting.

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