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We offer a range of massage options, so whether you’re looking to soothe ease or mobilise muscles or just looking for a relaxing massage we have an option that would be right for you.

Massage FAQ’s

What types of massage do you offer?

Sports Massage

You can have a sports massage from a trained osteopath or from one of our professionally trained masseurs. You’ll benefit form variety of sports massage techniques which can be used to ease sore muscles and aid recovery. For the those taking part in sport we also offer pre -event massages designed to warm up and help you prepare, or post event for recuperation, that use more deep tissue massage techniques .

Deep tissue/Swedish massage

Deep tissue/Swedish massages use similar techniques to those used in sports massage but is gentler and is more general type of treatment, ideal if your looking for a full body massage . This massage is designed to work on your circulatory system with techniques designed to promote full body relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage

When your pregnant your muscles and ligaments start to become looser as your body adapts and prepares to give birth. This can lead to sore muscles as a result of muscles tightening as your body posture shifts. Pregnancy massages are tailored to the need of pregnant women using Swedish massage techniques but using long sweeping strokes with not too much pressure applied to the body to eased and relax muscles. Pregnancy massages are ideal for relaxing sore muscles during pregnancy but, if you are experiencing any kind of pain we would recommend booking in for an initial osteopathy assessment and treatment so we can rule out or treat and pregnancy related issues e.g. PGP or bursistis) that might have developed.

Thai Massage

Thai massages differ from traditional massages in that the therapist will use their entire body using their body weight, elbows, knees and hands to stretch, massage and knead the muscles in your body and stimulate pressure points.

What to expect

When you arrive at Bucks Osteopath & Physio your masseur will greet you and check that you have completed your massage consultation form. We will send our consultation form before your booking. If you haven’t answered the questions for any reason, the masseur will run through some quick questions to ensure that it’s safe for you to have a massage, to ensure you get the massage that you want and to understand if there are areas you would like your therapist to concentrate on or avoid.

We will then show you to a clean and comfortable treatment room, where a warm, padded massage couch is ready for your treatment. There’s a heated under blanket that you can turn down or off, depending on your preference.

Starting your session

Your specialist massage therapist will advise you on what position to lie on the couch and how to cover yourself with the sheets before they leave the room and wait outside to allow you to undress in privacy and comfort. Body coverage preferences during massage vary. Some prefer partially clothed, but most are in underwear covering the lower half of the body. Treatments fully unclothed are not allowed. The massage therapist will always cover you with the top sheet during your massage session. They will only uncover the part of the body they are working on, ensuring modesty and respect during the treatement.

During the massage

After discussing your massage needs, your therapist will either perform a customised or personalised full-body massage (Deep Tissue Massage/Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, or Thai Massage) or focus on the body parts needing attention to alleviate your symptoms. Discuss with your therapist the best way to get the most from your session and your preferences.

There is no need to chat during your massage; in fact, it is the perfect time to switch off. You should, however, let your therapist know at the beginning of the session if you have a particular issue that requires specific attention or any aches or pains that might affect your experience.

As a general guide, relaxation or stress reduction massage sessions typically include all the major areas of your body, including the back, neck, shoulders, and legs, while a session for an injury, pain, or tightness will focus on that specific area. Depending on the severity of the problem, it’s possible to spend most of a session on only one area to relieve pain and promote healing.

During the session, if you feel uncomfortable or don’t like the treatment, you should ask the massage therapist to stop. To mitigate this, the therapist will discuss massage pressure levels at the beginning and double-check your comfort throughout the session.

Please communicate how comfortable you feel, and once you have established a comfort level with your therapist, you can relax and enjoy your massage session.

Once your massage session is complete, your therapist will leave the room so you can get dressed. They will wait outside the room for you with some water and take you back to the reception area.

Our personalised massage sessions vary from 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes. Each 60 minute massage session is a minimum of 50 minutes of hands-on massage; the session includes time to review your massage consultation form and allows 5 minutes to undress and redress.


You may cancel or reschedule appointments at no charge at any time before the close of business on the day before your appointment. If you cancel or change the appointment on the same day or do not attend your appointment, we will charge you the full rate for the massage session booked.

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Cancellation Policy

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