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    review rating 5  I highly recommend Sarah Gill. Using Cranial Osteopathy she managed to get my son dry at night in a few sessions. (he had previously never had a dry night). I was so impressed I booked myself in for a shoulder that has been painful for years. Using a combination Acupuncture and Osteopathy Sarah successfully treated it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sarah, she is very experienced and has lots of up to date training and her treatments really work.

    thumb Julia Gilliatt

    review rating 5  Sarah & Ivan have been great in getting my back into shape - obviously very knowledgable and it was very efficient being able to book at short notice in Beaconsfield.

    thumb The Carveys

    review rating 5  As a family, we have been going to Sarah Gill for over 11 years for various problems such as lower back pain, hip pain, slip disc and my daughter had problems with her posture when she was studying for her GCSE's. We would highly recommend, Sarah. She has always made time to fit in around our busy work life and childcare commitments and has been effective in the treatments she has given us. She is very professional and always provides us with really great advice on postures and exercises we could follow up with to aid our recovery.

    thumb Rukhsana Ali

    review rating 5  Woke up with excruciating pain in my right shoulder following a weekend of fairly strenuous activity. Fortunately Sarah was able to see me that day, I had a short session of manipulation, deep massage and some acupuncture. Within two days something miraculous had happened I was pain free with total mobility as if nothing had been the matter in the first place.

    thumb Mark Turner

    review rating 5  Sarah & Ivan are both great massage therapists- with real details going into their treatment plans. Communication is excellent and they're always extremely flexible which works well with a busy schedule.

    thumb Sophie Parker

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    • review rating 5  I was suffering with recurring lower back pain and sciatica as the result of a disc injury a few years ago, and I found myself unable to stand up straight and was in considerable pain. I have 2 small children so this was a total nightmare! Sarah agreed to see me at very short notice and asked me lots of questions about my symptoms and previous injury. She was able to treat me straight away and I felt considerably better the next day. Sarah then referred me to Anthony, and I have been having regular appointments with him ever since. Anthony is brilliant! He uses acupuncture and massage to alleviate areas of pain, and also recommends exercises for me to do at home. He's also a nice guy too. My back pain has almost gone completely and I can honestly say that I feel better than I have done in years. I would highly recommend both Sarah and Anthony.

      thumb Kayt Bochenski

      review rating 5  I'm very grateful for Anthony's treatment. After initial sessions to reduce significant pain he now keeps me moving well through regular maintenance visits. I highly rate his skill and care.

      thumb Richard McDonald

      review rating 5  As you can tell from the vast majority of patients, Sarah is both professional and provides excellent advice and treatment. I have had frozen shoulder and lower back issues - both of which have been expertly treated. It annoys me to see someone give a one star rating - especially when Sarah is simply trying to help someone - on a Sunday - who is clearly in pain and in need of emergency treatment - I know a few people in the health and fitness business and it's good practice not to over-treat on first treatment, especially when someone comes to you in real pain. I also know that Sarah more than made up the time with me on second visit. I highly recommend this practice and in particular Sarah to you.

      thumb David Brosse
    • review rating 5  Sarah and her team are amazing! I regularly go there for treatment related to my scoliosis and they always take good care of me!

      thumb Julie Yogi

      review rating 5  I am currently using Bucks Osteopathy to help me achieve my goal of completing the London Marathon uninjured. Ivan is doing a brilliant job and helped with IT band issues and Soleus muscle pain. Would happily recommend Ivan's approach as he is helping by giving me exercises to help speed up healing too.

      thumb Sharon Hewitt

      review rating 5  I have a neck problem and saw Sarah for my first appointment and immediately started to feel the results. Since then I've had 3 more appointments with Anthony each time feeling the results. Anthony is amazing and I would recommend him to anyone that has any neck/ back issues.

      thumb sharon phelps
    • review rating 5  Sarah & Ivan are both great massage therapists- with real details going into their treatment plans. Communication is excellent and they're always extremely flexible which works well with a busy schedule.

      thumb Sophie Parker

      review rating 5  I had a very good experience when I was suffering from debilitating sciatica. Sarah's associate who treated me was very knowledgeable and explained in detail the reasons why I was experiencing the pain, and how he was going to treat me. At the time I was about to start a new job and was worried that I would be impacted, but in 4 weeks I went from being unable to sleep/sit and in a lot of pain to being able to function normally. The surroundings were pleasant and calming. I would definitely recommend Sarah's Osteopathy.

      thumb Jane Glenn

      review rating 5  I want to recommend Sarah for the great treatment she gave me a few years ago and haven't managed to write this previous. I was suffering for a good few years after the birth of my second Son and it was really painful to even sit down and I just accepted that maybe this was how things would be and it was the cost for having my children. When I visited Sarah, she quickly found the problem and my coccyx was out of place. After the first visit I felt much better and only had to see Sarah for 4 treatments. I am now pain free.. I don't know why I didn't see her or ask her as I had her treat my Son when born with some Cranial therapy. I guess as a Mum you don't worry to much about yourself but it was so easy it fix. Thank you Sarah, Catherine

      thumb Catherine Harvey

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