About Gait Analysis

At Bucks Osteopathy and physio we see a lot of lower limb issue many of which can be resolved through osteopathy or physiotherapy. For some patients though, the problem may be caused by issue with their feet, which can have a knock on effect on other parts of the body. In these instances we recommend that the patient has a gait analysis to see if we can identify if their feet are causing the issue.


Gait analysis - foot injuries

Equally though you may be suffering from foot pain such as planar fasciitis. Here the underlying condition may need gait analysis and orthotics to resolve and our specialist osteopaths and phsyiotherapists would then help with the rehab for the condition.

In either case, the analysis is only conducted by osteopaths and physiotherapists who are specially trained in lower limb bio-mechanics using a specialised gait analysis system from Footscan and, should you need orthotics to help your condition, we use special 3d printed orthotics made by Phits 3d .

Click here to see What’s so special about the Footscan and 3D printing technology?

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